DIY Wine Bar Bookcase

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    • 1). Remove all the shelves from the bookcase and spread them out on the ground. Spray paint the entire bookcase, including the shelves, with plastic spray paint. This kind of paint is made to stick to very slick surfaces, so it’ll work on wood and laminated particle board. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

    • 2). Screw up to three wire glass holders into the underside of the very top of the bookcase. These wire racks are available at most hardware stores. They have rows of wires that hold the flared bottoms of stemmed cocktail glasses.

    • 3). Slide four small, plastic moveable brackets into the holes along the insides of the bookshelf positioning them about a foot below the wire glass holders. Bookcases with moveable shelves usually have small plastic peg brackets that fit into pre-drilled holes on the inside of the case.

    • 4). Slide a shelf into place about 1 foot below the wire glass holders, on top of the brackets. This should leave enough room for you to place tumblers, glass coffee mugs and lowball glasses right under the stemware.

    • 5). Press four mini tap lights into place under the first shelf. These domed little lights have adhesive backs that will stick to most surfaces. They will provide light when you make your drinks.

    • 6). Slide a second set of brackets and a second shelf into place about 1 foot below the first. Place all of your cocktail making supplies on the second shelf. This includes shakers, jiggers, cups full of stirrers, wine carafes and even a drink mixing guide.

    • 7). Place a third set of brackets and a third shelf about 12 inches below the second. Slide a wine bottle holder onto one half of this shelf and place all of your liquor and grain alcohol on the other half of the shelf. This puts the alcohol within easy reach. You can mix on the second shelf and get all of your supplies from the first and third.

    • 8). Place two decorative bar stools in the open space at the bottom of your shelf. If your bookcase is very tall, you can get away with stools about 3 feet tall. If the 'case is shorter, fill up the space with your favorite tomes or decoratively-arranged malt beverage bottles.

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