The Kitty Variant of Hartenjagen

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As any player knows, the card game known as Hartenjagen has issues with the number of players able to play the game. This problem stems from the fact that the game is played with four players strict. In some cases, it is very difficult to find three other players willing to play the game. However in other scenarios, playgroups are forced to leave out an unlucky player once the number of players has reached the maximum of four. However, unbeknownst to some players, there are ways to get around this problem.

Over the course of its long and fruitful history, hartenjagen, also more commonly referred to by people as hearts, has sired quite a few variants. Though it would really be arduous cite all the circumstances on how these variants came to be, the important thing is that they should be recognized and played as much as the original game. The reason of which has to do with the fact that not only do these variants help improve the game considerably but they also add new twists to how players would normally play the game.

One such variant of Hartenjagen is called Kitty or The kitty variant. This variant allows players to play in groups of three or if the players agree to it, in groups of five. The kitty variant of Hartenjagen starts, just like any normal game of Hartenjagen, with the dealing of cards. As usual, it would be up to the dealer on how he or she will distribute the cards. However, instead of getting the usual number of thirteen cards, players will only be given twelve cards or whatever number even outs the deck.

After the deal the extra cards are placed at the center of the table. Normally, the extra cards would be placed facedown but this all depends on the playgroup. As a general rule in the kitty variation, whosoever takes the first trick of the round also takes those extra cards. Some playgroups like to play the kitty variant of Hartenjagen with a twist and they begin playing the game with those extra cards faced up. According to some experts, playing with those extra cards facing up gives players incentive whether to take the trick or not. These twists are often taken as a welcome addition to current set of rules of the kitty variant. Not only do these twists add more depth of play to the game but they also make room for more enjoyment.

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