Health and Safety - What"s That All About?

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The Health and Safety Act was put on the statue books in 1974, covering a board spectrum of legislation for employers and employees alike.
It was a much needed act and in its original format, it made the workplace a much safer environment, and curtailed many bad working practices.
In conjunction with the act the Health and Safety Commission and the Health and Safety Executive were formed to regulate the act, they were later merged together leaving the Health and Safety Executive.
This was the beginning of the end for what was so needed to protect the work environment.
More and more legislation has been put in place over the years from when the act became law and in the due process of time we have reached in certain industries, a point where health and safety regulations make it almost impossible to carry out the simplest of tasks.
Having worked for a forklift company for 10 years, I have experienced first hand these at times ridiculous rules put in place by health and safety.
The frustration this causes is to say the least annoying, and how difficult it is to carry out simple jobs in the process.
It would seem the people employed by the Health and Safety Executive are no more than jobsworths, with absolutely no idea about the real world and the implications of the regulations they put in place.
Common sense is not allowed when it comes to health and safety in the workplace and that is also apparent when it comes to how we live our lives today.
There appears to be a very strong link between the Government and the Health and safety Executive when it comes to common sense and also thinking for yourself.
We are fast moving to a point where, we will not be allowed to think for ourselves, THE NANNY STATE.
Now that might seem a touch radical to associate the two together, but over the last ten years the Government has been squeezing are freedom of choice and the Health and Safety Executive have been making it harder and harder to carry out even the simplest of jobs.
It almost sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it isn't, just a conclusion that I have come to as an ordinary member of the public.
I have no political loyalties, just a genuine concern for what is happening in this country.
The Health and Safety Executive have bought us to a point where we need to say enough is enough, common sense needs to be bought to the fore and we really need to rethink on how we go forward from here.
If this not put in check the system will grind to a halt, or is that the point, that's for another article.
The government needs to come to the party as far as health and safety issues are concerned and be objective, maybe then this ridiculous situation will be resolved.
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