How Far From the Ground Should Family Room Curtains Be Hung?

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    Longer Curtains Are Traditional

    • Long curtains provide drama and elegance to a room. Family rooms, however, are generally areas for activity. These activities often include small children, who may be tempted to pull on or climb curtains within their reach. Pets, particularly cats, are fond of climbing curtains and animals may claw or brush up against long curtains, resulting in the need for frequent cleaning or replacement.

    Shorter Curtains Are Practical

    • Curtains that end at the bottom of the window or just below the window sill are appropriate for more casual spaces. They are often out of reach of small children and pets, providing some measure of safety from falling curtain rods. However, because of the gap between the lower hem of the curtain and the wall, they do not block out as much light as longer curtains. They also do not blend well with more formal décor.

    Bottom Line

    • Curtain length is dependent entirely upon the individual household's needs and the unique tastes of the homeowner. The uses and inhabitants of the room will help determine the safest and most appropriate choice. In short, longer curtains are more stylish, while shorter lengths are safer and more practical.

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