How Do I Listen to Music & Play Games on My DSi?

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    • 1). Insert your flash-based SD card into your computer's card reader. The SD card, a rectangular-shaped flat card with a "SD" logo on it, slides into the SD card slot on your computer's SD card reader. If you do not have an SD card reader on your computer, you cannot copy songs from your computer to your Nintendo DSi. SD card readers are built into the computer case and typically are located on the front of the computer.

    • 2). Click on the "Start" button, which has the Windows logo, on your computer screen.

    • 3). Click on the "Computer" icon. Click on and open the "SD card" icon on your computer screen. The open on-screen represents data that is currently stored on your SD card. Drag any songs you want to copy to the SD card into the only folder open on your monitor. The song files on your computer are copied to the SD card. Place the files in folders, if desired, or copy them to the card without folders.

    • 4). Remove the SD card from your computer's SD card reader by gripping it with your fingers and pulling it out of the opening of the reader. Place the SD card into the SD card reader on the side of your Nintendo DSi.

    • 5). Turn on your Nintendo DSi. Select the "Sound" icon, which has a black music note, and choose the "Play With Your Music" icon. Select the listing for a music track you want to listen to, and select the "Start" button to play the song on your Nintendo DSi.


    • 1). Insert the game card for your Nintendo DSi game into the game card slot on the top of the console.

    • 2). Turn on your Nintendo DSi.

    • 3). Select the game icon from the main Nintendo DSi menu. The game's main menu loads.

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