The Evergreen Shrubs Commonly Found in California

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    California Buckwheat

    • California buckwheat is a fast-growing shrub that reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet. It has small, leathery, rose-pink leaves. The flowers dry to a rust-brown color and remain on the plant throughout the winter.

    Scrub Oak

    • Scrub oak is a low-maintenance evergreen that's planted for erosion control or as a hedge. They're a stout, multi-branching shrub with rigid branches and grow 3 to 10 feet high. They like full to partial sun and rocky soil.

    Christmas Berry

    • Christmas berry, or toyon, is also known as California holly. This shrub makes a good privacy screen, growing to a height of 25 feet. Its red berries draw many songbirds to it.

    Lemonade Berry

    • Lemonade berry is an aromatic shrub found on ocean bluffs and in canyons. It has thick, leathery, green, waxy leaves and reddish fruit used to make a "lemony" drink. Lemonade berry is a common ornamental shrub in California.

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