Online Shooting Game: Assassin Live

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There was a time when we loved shooting the ducks on video games. Do we still love shooting ducks? No! But do we love shooting? Definitely yes! Shooting games have been popular ever since they arrived. So it doesn't matters if you are shooting ducks, balloons or humans online! All that matters to you is shooting, because it is one such game that you enjoy playing thoroughly!

With the arrival of internet, a revolutionary moment for the games, turned the gaming world upside down. Now it was more about online gaming than just video gaming. And hence shooting games became popular as online shooting games.

Assassin Live is one such online shooting game that has a semantic meaning attached to it. Every member is called an Assassin. Once the Assassins join a mission, they are made aware of who all are in the mission! And after they are allotted with their targets, the work of shooting them down gets off to start!

But how do you shoot your target down? Well, no you won't be provided with AK47, tanks or flying war machines! But yes, what you will have with you is a very lethal weapon, only if you know how to use it. Still scratching your head? Relax, it's your iPhone! A weapon that is good enough to carry everywhere, without any objection, without any security hassles and without damaging the public property. A safe and secure weapon that the Assassins can carry with them anywhere they want.

iPhone is the weapon that the Assassins will be using to eliminate their targets. This weapon is fundamentally meant to be used as a multitasking machine, but it has added one more feature to it, that is to track down the target, get all the related information about the target and shoot whenever the target is in the danger zone.
When a target is within the 50 meters range, your iPhone starts giving signals. Once you check your GPS tracker you can know the nearest target and get his/her profile in front of you along with the total distance and total time required to reach on foot. Once you know the necessary details you can track down your target.

Get close to the target, as close as 8 meters. Point your iPhone to the targets iPhone and then press the shooting screen. This leads to the emergence of the €SHOOT' button, which when pressed will communicate the server using GPRS or 3G network. The confirmation of the elimination takes place when the targets iPhone screams out an embarrassing sound and flashes €Eliminated€ word on his/her screen.
Well that's the end for the eliminated one; you, the Assassin, will earn good points for your work and will move ahead on the mission. More elimination will lead to good score and finally resulting in high ranking. The best Assassin will be ranked as a Terminator and the worst one will be a Peasant.

So decide for yourself who you want to be? The world's number one Assassin or the worst one. Feel the glory of being the best in the world, and rule the world of Assassin Live.
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