Raster To Vector Conversion Technique Is No Rocket Science!

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Raster to vector conversion more popularly called as R2V is a key resource in the photo editing industry. It is wrong to label that the technology is used only in the image editing industry. But, in reality it implications are as farfetched. If it is used to design logos and edit images, it is also used to mapping and GIS data transformation. It has revolutionized the entire designing process. The merits of vectorization as the process is popularly called have already been established. It is vastly used in vector clipart, various Internet icons, logo vectorization, and multi-purpose graphics.

Here are some other facets of the technology.

The conversion of raster to vector-

The conversion of raster to vector is no rocket science. But using software popularly called as CAD Converters does the process. If the conversion needs are bulk, then the best choice is to outsource it to professionals. But for day-to-day needs, it is justified to use Cad Converters. They are simple software that can concert raster image to vector image. The selection of software plays a very important role in defining the result. Here are some points that must be considered before making a selection.

Ideally, those converters that can convert different type of images like mechanical and architectural drawings, schematic diagrams and maps; technical diagrams and photos are best chosen.

Raster images are available in different formats e.g. JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF etc. Well chosen software should be able to convert all these type of raster images to vector form.

Like raster images, the vector images can also be produced in different formats. The needs differ from one industry to the other. A converter that can produce DGN, WMF, SVG and DXF formats are preferred over those, which can produce some selected formats.

The software must be easy to use and should have clear user interface. It should produce straight outlines and central lines. This is particularly important for some type of vector images like GIS images. Users prefer software that produces vivid joins and corners.

In this fast world, instant results are mandatory. So, the popular choice goes with software that produces high quality instant results. Generally, vector images do not loose quality even if they are printed at any resolution. One should make sure that the quality is maintained.

Often professionals using converters are in need of several images, maps or drawings at a time. Able software should able to convert hundreds of raster images to vector with single command prompt. This helps professionals with large number of images. Mostly the process is automated so that the user does not need to hinder the process of conversion. On the other hand, there is several software that converts single images at time. There is no reason to believe that these converters produce better results that those which produce several images at a time.

Just keep all these points in mind before selecting the best converter available in the market.
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