A Lusty Library Is A Must - Why Do So Many Consider It To Be Porn?

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~~*~~ How are you supposed to know everything about sex?Why can't we teach that more in school?Why do we have to grow up and still have it remain a taboo subject.
Aren't most of us doing it?I mean honestly, isn't that a hugecommon denominator between us all on this planet?We can watch violence all day long, in movies, and digest that without question, yet when sex comes up or Janet Jackson is inadvertently exposed?We here in America just freak out.
Our bodies are an amazing creation and they are designed to not only procreate, but have dare I say, have 'fun' doing it? Read about sex..
read how to become a great lover!Cause they don't teach you how in school right? Start your own lusty library on how to please your partner.
Size 'may' or 'may not' be an issue...
But TECHNIQUE IS! Don't assume you know it all, why would you, just because you do it? There are secrets and you need to figure them out.
You don't need to ask your buddies..
gads!They may only 'say' they are great lovers.
Check and see who's smiling.
Some women have never had an orgasm and have no idea, not a single clue, as to what they are missing.
They will not know that until they have experienced it...
so that is YOUR job.
Start a lusty library and get all your facts straight.
Then 'ask her' if she likes what you are doing ..
or if she happy..
without a doubt happy?and you can tell that it is for real..
I guess you won't need to ask her huh? Know PASSION...
Be one who can say that you have visited its gateway.
Go ahead and SAY what you feel to your lover...
no matter how foolish you think it might sound.
You need never apologize for feeling something with passion.
If your partner makes fun of you? You 'might' just be with the wrong person.
Dance ...
Make Love.
Learn about what your body and what your partners body responds to.
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