Communion With Nature and Peace in God"s Own Country

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Kerala is situated on the southwestern tip of India that attracts large number of nation and international tourist throughout the year.
This place is a famous all over the world due to its unique culture and natural heritage.
The southern tip is legendary for attractive travel destinations like backwaters, temples, beaches and forests.
The state is known as the "God's Own Country" as it gives a person plenty of opportunities to explore diverse culture with beautiful nature.
When you visit Kerala, the amazing Allelly backwaters will make your day, as it will gives you a chance to stay on houseboats that will give a lifetime experience.
The nature has blessed Kerala with large number of spectacular beaches.
Some of them are Poovar beach, Varkala beach, Cherai beach, Alappuzha beach and Fort Kochi.
The Kovalam beach is a combination of 3 semi circular beaches named as Hawa beach, Samudre beach and House beach.
This beach has a charm that attracts many honeymoon couples and they get a chance to indulge in various beach activities and water sports.
The other attractive destinations of Kovalam beach is ayurveda resorts, parlors and saloons.
While exploring the wonderful beaches one will also encounter clean sand that are bound by the great rows of palm coconut trees that looks fabulous.
A Kerala tour will give you an option of sunbathing, boating, water fun, sunset watching and sun kissed with leisurely walk that gives you a kingly feeling.
The Kerala will give you an opportunity to see nature closely and in its best form such as the verdant hills, blue lagoons at veli, the tea-coffee plantations, spice gardens, rubber plantations, wonderful waterfalls, rubber plantations.
Apart from natural beauty, Kerala is also famous for ayurveda treatment.
One should not miss the wonderful opportunity of experiencing the healing touch of ayurveda in Kerala.
In ayurveda treatment variety of oils, herbs, mineral resources are use but the main role is play by peaceful nature in curing the person.
Kerala is also famous for preserving its traditional dance and arts.
The exclusivity can be seen in dance forms, classical music, the ballads, theatre, tribal dances and art forms with woodwork, crafts work and wall paintings.
Kerala is also famous for fifty kinds of dance forms and all are unique in their own way.
Some of the major dance is Kaliyattom.
Kanniyarkali, Kolkali, Thapukkali, Kolam, Purekkali, Thullal and Valakai.
These dances reflect the culture, history and emotions that are express in the form of movements in dance.
The Ottamthullal dance is the folk version of Kathakali that was develop by a famous poet of the south.
The dancers of this dance form are dressed in elaborate costumes, tell a story with a message, and add humor and expressions to attract the audience.
A group of trained musicians with instruments and knowledge of classical beats are lay down on which the twinkling feet trap.
The lush green landscapes, sun kissed beaches, implausible wildlife sanctuaries and parks have made Kerala a truly enjoyable destination.
Various forms of dances, art and crafts, unique heritage have given a global identification to Kerala.
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