How to Use the Magic Wand in Photoshop

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    • 1). Open your image in Photoshop. Press "Ctrl +" to enlarge the area you are selecting.

    • 2). Select the Magic Wand from the toolbox. It is a stick topped by a star formation. Enter a tolerance number in the Options Bar for the tool. Tolerance is the "fuzziness" factor that broadens the range of colors being selected. Select a low tolerance, between 0 and 10, if the desired part of the image is similar to the background.

    • 3). Select "Contiguous" to make sure that you only select parts of the image that are connected to the point you clicked. This stops colors from all over the image being selected.

    • 4). Click with the wand in the parts of the image you want to select. The wand is displayed as a cross-hair cursor. Continue to click colors until you have selected everything you need. Hold down the ALT key and click to deselect a color wrongly picked.

    • 5). Copy the selected part of the image using "Ctrl+C" and paste into a new layer using "Ctrl+V." Modify this new layer for color or exposure as needed.

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