How to Begin Blogging

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Okay, I have made the decision I want to start blogging, but how do I get started? Do I need to get a website? That could be expensive, and I have a limited budget.
I think this is what had held a lot of us back in the past.
Especially, since 2008, when everything that could go wrong did, the economy dropped and many of us lost a lot of our hard earned cash.
Some of us lost our jobs and finding a new one, that is I we can find a new one.
It has been a very difficult two years, keeping one's head above the water line.
What I have found out though is that one can actually start Blogging for Free, shake your head if you must, who gives things away for free these days.
I have also found out that there are about 15 or more Blog Hosting Companies out there on the Internet.
So which one should I choose? The two most popular ones are Blogger.
com and WordPress.
com the others I am not sure of their popularity, as I am still learning the basics about blogging and how to use it for my benefit, I am finding more and more information about how to get started.
So as a Newbie like me there are a lot of choices from which I must choose the right blog site for me.
There are of course limitations as to what you are allowed to do on these sites, which when you sign up you will find out about.
The other thing is they may I believe take down your blog if they want to without notice.
So this may not be the route you want to take at all.
The other way I have been informed is that you can do what is called self-hosted, or this though you need to purchase hosting and your domain name, but this option is going to take a few of those hard pennies out of your back pocket.
If this is the way you wish to go I would find out what this will cost.
Find local companies as well as overseas options.
Also if you are buying from overseas, watch the exchange rates, these vary from country to country.
For instance I would be paying $1.
45 for USD$1.
00, it may not be much in some countries, and in others it may cost more.
The figures I have heard are about USD $10 - 15.
Now I know what there is out there I can either choose a Free Blog site or go for Self-hosting.
Which one is the right one I will have to figure that out for myself, just as you will too.
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