Picking the Perfect Puppy Lead

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Puppy leads can be difficult to pick since they are not trained as well as an older dog.
They will most likely pull much more since puppies are excited to explore the outdoors.
When looking at different styles of leads, you may want to refrain from using a "choker" or slip type lead.
Young dogs will continue to pull away constricting the neck opening, mainly from being confused or frightened at the pain.
Also, they can be difficult to loosen on a puppy in panic.
Leads which attach to the collar with a regular hook is usually a better way to go.
Considering that the pooch may pull on more consistent basis, the hook should be a heavy grade that won't be easily snapped.
This is especially true when working with puppies of larger breeds.
Until their training allows them to be walked with much less commotion, having a sturdy lead is important.
Another part is to decide on what material the lead is made of.
Leads can be manufactured out of everything from leather to nylon mesh.
Stronger puppies will call for leads that are made from very durable materials.
Beginning dog owners need to be aware that choosing the correct dog lead is very important.
Not only is it used for walking, but in training purposes as well.
Puppies can be very tough on their leads, so be sure to take time picking the right one.
Two places to turn to if you have technical or breed questions as far as leads are your local vet or dog trainer.
Either one should have appropriate information about your chosen puppy breed and the right lead.
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