The Difference between a Los Angeles Tax Lawyer and Expungement Lawyer

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There are so many different kinds of lawyers and attorneys out there right now, either working independently or at big or small law firms, that it can understandably become tough to know what kind of lawyer you need.  Such an example is a Los Angeles tax and a Los Angeles expungement lawyer.

Tax and expungement can cover some similar ground, but all in all they do vary from each other rather significantly.

1. When Will You Need an Expungement Lawyer?

  • You'll need to hire a Los Angeles Expungement Lawyer when you want to expunge your entire or parts of your record from public view.  Expungement means that these records you select will not be visible to the general public, but they will still be visible to you and the courts.  Therefore, expungement is not the same thing as having your record completely erased.
  • When you have your record expunged, you're going to have to hire an expungement lawyer from Los Angeles because it's nearly impossible to have your record expunged without one.  Expungement is completely legal, but an expungement lawyer will be necessary to seal all of your negative records from the public.  With the help of an expungement lawyer, you won't miss any deadlines, you won't make any simple mistakes, and the entire process should go by as smoothly as possible.
  • Why would you want to expunge your record?  Well, let's say that you have some negative records, such as convictions or arrests, and you're searching for a job.  You may be completely qualified for a job, and the only reason why you have an arrest on your record is because of a stupid mishap you made years ago.  Despite that, your potential employer may elect not to hire you, and subsequently, you'll find it difficult to get employment.  That is why you'll want to have your record expunged from public view.

2. When Will You Need a Tax Lawyer?

  • The reason why you would want to hire a tax lawyer is for help in filing your taxes.  No one can deny how complicated the tax system becomes, and it's also stressful to know that filing your taxes can take up to thirty hours.  Since you're already exhausted at work and with whatever other issues you have going on, it's easy to make some mistakes when filing your taxes, and before you know it the IRS can be filing claims against you.
  • While everything could just be one big misunderstanding, it can still become a hassle to clear things up with the IRS.  Tax lawyers will make sure that you avoid these kinds of problems, and in the process, you'll avoid any troubles and fines you otherwise would have incurred.
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