How To Overcome All Blocks To Personal and Spiritual Achievement

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When you notice how far you may have fallen short of the person you know you really are and can be, it can be demoralizing.
You advance three steps forward, then fall two back.
You feel you're progressing at the pace of a snail.
What are you doing wrong? You're doing something both right and wrong.
What you're doing right is noticing it.
If you didn't notice it, you'd not go forward at all.
This is the meaning of being stuck, blocked, or in a rut.
This conscious self-noticing or self-awareness is the very key to constant progress - both in the world and in the spirit.
In the spirit it's felt as being in a frustrating dry spell where you're creatively stagnant.
Ideas don't come.
You are blank.
The only thing you're doing wrong is not realizing this key and consciously utilizing it.
You aren't more effective in controlling growth or achievement because you're not controlling your awareness.
You're noticing after the fact, not before and during the actual mental, emotional, sensual or physical activity.
This is what's meant by "missing the boat.
" In other words, you're not "all there.
" You're not really present while life is happening.
You're "missing in action.
" Always projecting to the past or future.
Playing the end-game instead of the now-game.
The now has to be the end.
You're doing all the lower faculty things - but without the awareness that you're doing it while you're doing it.
You're not on top of those activities but submerged in them.
So they control you instead of you controlling them.
That's how and why you lose control of your development - which is designed to be a constant.
It's like driving with a foot on the brake.
Higher-self-awareness is not an automatic response; it has to be practiced.
Only your lower appetites and faculties are on autopilot not your higher faculty of pure, neutral awareness.
You were not born to become a finished product, but to become an ongoing, continuously finishing, growing product.
Life is a finishing school from which you never finish, a graduate school from which you never graduate.
The practice of unhindered growth is to know where you are right now, know where you're going, then already be there.
All phases of your being should overlap, not happen one at a time.
Being present is a state of timelessness.
Life is happening all at once and must be lived all at once.
There's no time or space involved.
Becoming and being are simultaneous.
The future is now.
No thinking is involved.
Thinking while acting is stagnant, like treading water.
The forward discipline is to be aware while acting.
It's going with the infinite flow.
Thinking is not higher-self-awareness.
Thinking is of a lower faculty.
The key then is to keep the awareness faculty above and distinct from the lower faculties of thinking, feeling, etc.
This is the present-moment way of unstoppable progress and infinite joy and creative power.
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