Leaders Must Begin Day In Good Mood

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To a very large degree, each of our moods and attitudes are major determining factors in what and how much we will accomplish at any time, on any particular day, and on any special project.
For over thirty years, I have dedicated a large percentage of my leadership training programs to the significance of attitude as it relates to successful leadership.
If one begins his day in a bad mood, or in a sad mood, or in any manner where he begins his day any way but happy, the chances of optimum success are diminished significantly.
Donald M.
Kendell stated this perfectly, "If you are not happy every morning when you get up and leave for work, you're not going to be successful.
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Many intelligent people resist this concept and approach, or minimize its importance, because they seem to feel that it is not necessary to have a Pollyanna attitude in order to be successful.
While there is no need to act like Pollyanna, there is no doubt that one's attitude is almost always a major determining factor in one's success.
I believe, and have always taught the effectiveness of leaders using positive affirmations, and in fact, creating their own personalized Affirmation List (of ten items that they would like to improve their attitude regarding).
These affirmations must be stated as both positive and active statements, all stated in the first person and in the present tense.
For example, someone wanting to approach life in a happier and better mood would not say, "I'll be happier today," because that is neither an affirmation, a positive statement, proactive, or in the present tense.
Instead, a positive affirmation might be worded, "I start every day happy and content, ready to excel in everything I do.
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Positive people with happy attitudes attract other people, who want to be around them.
On the other hand, when someone in a leadership position is negative, he finds himself surrounded with other negative people.
Positive attitudes bring positive results, while negative attitudes generate negative auras.
Positive leaders have a can- do attitude, while negative ones are generally either unwilling or unable to fight the good fight, and focus on the needs of his organization and its members.
Many people seem surprised that those that begin their days in a better, happier mood, almost invariably get better results, and achieve more success.
It should not be surprising, because so much of life is about our own behavior, approaches, self- confidence, and willingness to approach things in the positive.
If you want to be an effective leader, begin each day in a happier mood, and your happiness will be contagious.
You'll be amazed by how your results are enhanced!
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