Easy Dragon Crafts

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    Clay Dragon

    • Dragon figurines and statues can be found at all types of medieval-themed gift stores. You can make this item by yourself at home with a bit of crafting clay. Mold a lump of the clay into the shape of a dragon, using a picture from a magazine or a website as a guide. It may take a few tries, but the clay will be malleable enough to keep twisting until you get the shape you like. Just bake till hard then paint in whatever style you like.

    Acrylic Paintings

    • By using acrylic paints, you can add a dragon motif to most any item. If you find a dragon stencil, either online or at an art supply store, you can apply large or small dragons to pieces like plates, bowls and vases. Applying a bit of polyurethane over the design will ensure it won't crack or chip when used, and you can then give the ceramic piece as a gift to a friend who also enjoys the medieval culture.


    • Dragon patches can be sewn onto backpacks, blankets and pillows to show your love of this mystical creature. Fleece or felt make good base materials for making a patch, and if your a sewing novice you can use a bit of fabric glue instead of a needle to put together the pieces. Cut out a crest shape from the fabric and trace a dragon onto another piece, cutting it out and attaching the dragon on top of the crest. You can use permanent markers or fabric paint to add details like eyes, scales and fire.

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