Sexy Abs - Three Static Exercises

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When people decide they are looking to lose weight it is usually because they don't like what they see in the mirror.
For most of us our eyes are drawn right to the mid-section mainly the abs.
Perhaps you have a pair of jeans you like but when you put them on there is a bit hanging over, what is called muffin top.
Sexy, sleek, toned abs is the most desired body part of both men and women.
You get attention from the opposite sex with good looking abs.
When we see a person with sexy abs we typically think that person is in good health and knows how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Typically people think of the traditional crunches, and situps in different formats as the answer to sleek, toned abs.
In order to achieve good looking abs the excess abdominal fat must be removed that means you will have to introduce healthy eating and an exercise routine that will incorporate the entire body.
Along with the traditional exercises we typically use for the abs there are others you may not have thought about.
We will look at three exercises that you don't even actually move.
In other words they are static exercises.
You will be in a position and stay still for a time period.
This will keep the muscles tense for a long period of time.
The first is the boat Sit on the floor with your legs straight on the ground.
Put your hands on the floor for stability.
Lift the legs up and lean back just to keep balance.
You will be balancing on your butt.
Slowly straighten your knees.
Try to raise the tips of your toes above your eyes but at least start with keeping your feet off the ground.
Raise your arms from the ground and stretch them towards the front keeping them parallel to each other and the ground.
If you can't keep balance with your hands off the floor you can keep them there or hold on the back of your thighs.
Work up to the point where you can keep your hands free.
Hold this for 10-30 seconds.
Keep working on it until you can get up to a minute.
The second is the plank.
You can start by assuming the bottom position of a pushup.
The body is straight and your hands outside the chest.
From there you can do a push up by extending your arms and keeping the body in a straight line from the head to the feet.
From here you can either stay in this position, hold it, or you can fold your arms forward and rest on your elbows with the forearms resting on the ground pointing forward.
Hold this for about 10-30 seconds and work up to one minute.
The third is the table top.
Sit on the floor with your legs straight on the ground.
Put your hands on the floor for stability.
Slowly use your legs to lift your pelvis up off the ground.
Bend your knees so they will be at right angles, extend your arms to keep your chest and abdomen are parallel to the floor.
Hold this for 10-30 seconds and work up to a minute.
Add these three static holds to you your list of abdominal exercises.
Use them along with a workout that works the entire body and will get you moving in order to burn fat.
Just doing them alone will not give you sexy abs.
The body works as a whole unit.
It is imperative you work it as a whole unit and get the proper nutrition to obtain a good looking set of abs.
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