How to turn SWF Flash Projects into Cash?

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Do you find Shockwave Flash convenient for developing animated presentations
and interactive games with attractive graphics and sounds? Many developers
are using Shockwave Flash to enhance Web sites with this type of
application. SWF is an extremely powerful and flexible platform that
allows you to easily enhance a Web site with rich animation and unlimited
degrees of interactivity.

But did you ever think of selling your Flash projects for a profit?
Most SWF developers don't even consider commercializing their Flash-based
games or presentations because of the limitations that are inherent
to the SWF format. Protecting intellectual property is a major concern
for everyone trying to sell applications in the Flash format.

Due to software piracy, every commercial software product contains
a certain degree of protection. Broadband Internet connections and
widespread availability of peer-to-peer networks make casual piracy
easier than ever. Protecting your code from de-compilation is a must
if you want a successful commercial product.

Unfortunately, modern SWF decompilers make reverse-engineering of
SWF projects about as easy as it gets. Adobe Flash compiler does
not provide any degree of protection against extraction and reverse-engineering.
Malicious users can easily get access to the source code and all
resources contained in the project, extracting pictures, sounds and
animations. That can't be good for your ideas and sales!

Fortunately, there is a solution! Meet Chameleon Flash ([])
a powerful suite that makes a commercial product out of your SWF
projects by compiling your SWF presentation and all of its resources
into a single, stand-alone EXE executable file or SCR screensaver!

What, another compiler? If you tried various compilers that turn
your SWF files into Windows executables, you probably discovered
that, while doing their job, they don't really help you to make a
profit from your SWF projects.

This time, though, things are different! Chameleon Flash serves a
different purpose. Unlike competing products, Chameleon Flash creates
time-limited and feature-restricted commercial products that can
be distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis. Create and sell learning
tools and tutorials, limiting pre-sale users to just a few topics
or exercises. Distribute evaluation versions of computer games where
unregistered users can only access a few levels, or limit access
to a collection of video clips or music tunes by allowing the playing
of only some of the clips.

Protect your SWF presentation by compiling your project and all of
its resources into a single stand-alone application that can be easily
executed on a Windows PC. It is impossible for a hacker to extract
an SWF file or its resources from the executable created with Chameleon
Flash. Compile a single executable file and include as many additional
dependencies as you need, including XML, FLV, MP3, JPG, and other
supporting files of any type.

Licensing is another important issue that must be handled with a
commercial product. Automate the distribution and licensing of your
products with unique, per-product automatic license key generators
created separately for each compilation. The key generators accept
command line options and provide console output, offering you automated
license key and script generation.

In order to convert your visitors into paying customers, you must
have limitations and offer incentives in the evaluation versions.
Chameleon Flash helps you to increase your download-to-purchase conversion
rate by including custom Purchase Reminder screens that remind your
users to purchase the product.

Your users will require a valid license key to activate your product's
full functionality. Chameleon Flash makes it impossible to create
a third-party key generator for your products by protecting them
with strong keys based on asymmetrical cryptography. Choose exactly
the type of protection required by your application. You can tie
the use of your product to a particular computer by opting for hardware-locked
keys, or issue a name-locked key to license a single user or organization.
Sell subscription-based products or make your licenses expire after
a certain date with time-limited keys.

Impress your target audience with translucent visual effects. Chameleon
Flash allows creating a windowless presentation that uses transparency
effects right on the computer's desktop. Create objects with shapes
and shadows of any complexity, and they will be shown on the desktop
with real translucency and semi-transparency effects. Chameleon Flash
is compatible with all SWF files, including those created with Flash,
Flex, and other popular applications.

Chameleon Flash is available for immediate download for free evaluation.
Get your copy now at and
start turning your SWF presentations into cash.
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