Dates of Hot Hollywood Celebrity Pamela Anderson

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When you hear or read about Hollywood celebrity both male and female, there are always rumours and speculations about their personal life and romantic life. Paparazzi would flock behind such stars and try to get as much as information about their personal life. Sometimes some stories make a star overnight star or question their character. One of the stories is of Hot Pamela Anderson, having a Canadian Citizenship, famous for being a model and her role in one of the most famous shows in America called Baywatch. If the time line of the success and failures of Pamela Anderson was to be looked unto, there is much of confusion and failure especially when it comes to her romantic life. She had overall relationship with 16 different people; some of them were from sports, rock bands, magicians, entrepreneur etc. She gained much media attention after the pornography video of hers and her former husband Tommy Lee was stolen from their home and was uploaded in the internet. Having dated 16 people and hooking up with few of them, her relationship is definitely not stable. Regardless of such stories and her ups and downs in her career as a model, actress etc. she is an advocate for animal rights and an energetic member of PETA. Dating sure seems to be a problem in Pamela Anderson's life looking at her past relationship status.

About dating the right person:-

There comes a time in everybody's life where you would want to have a life partner with whom you can share your joys and sorrows, your feelings, spend some intimate time and much more. We all have a comfortable zone in our life, this zone or we can say vacuum cannot be filled even by our best of best friends. This zone is meant for a special person with whom you instantaneously feel a heart to heart connection. Your subconscious mind will give you strong signal about the person and how right that person is for you. If you are looking out for online dating site someone with whom you can spend your life as partner then it is good to reflect upon your desire and how honest you are. Once you honest with yourself, everything falls in its place. You don't have try very hard for it and go through various experimental phases of your life.

Dating the right person is important; you will find that person eventually. You have to be a little patient and positive about yourself.
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