Choose the Correct Winter Coat

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Winter is dark and bleak once it sinks in there are only months of darkness ahead, the only thing that you feel like doing is wear your pajamas and hide yourself under a warm blanket. As much as you want to look hot in winters it is difficult to do that as you have to cover yourself up to survive the harsh pangs of the chill. Although there are ways by which you can look smoking hot, the best way is to wear a classy and high fashion coat for winter which will keep you insulated and make you want to get out of the house and be a social freak this winter season.

Here are some important tips that will help you to select the perfect coat for winter this season.


Decide prior how much do u want to spend on a coat for winter?. A winter coat is the highest investment of your wardrobe in a season. Winter coats are relatively expensive than rest of the other things in your wardrobe so choose your budget wisely otherwise you might get strayed by a huge variety and variation in the prices of the Winter Coats Available Online. Look for the best possible Online Winter Coats deal.


It is extremely essential to know your exact size before to start looking for a winter coat an ill fitted coat can make to look horrible and bulky whereas a correct fit can make you look slim lean and smart. Every manufacturer has a different scale of size but you should know your average size, take your measurement with an inch tape and check your size before you order a winter coat online or otherwise.


Choose what will look good on you and not on the mannequin for this it is important to choose a winter coat which will compliment your body type.

SHORT HEIGHT- If you have a short height less than 5'4 then go for winter coats which are at least an inch above your knee as it will give an elongated look to your figure. You can also enhance your height by wearing the same color knee length boots with the coat this will make you look taller.

LONG HEIGHT- If you are tall don't hesitate to buy ankle length winter coats, ankle length coats look dramatic and classy and will also protect you from the harsh cold.

HEAVY BOTTOM- If you are heavy from the bottom and have a bulky figure you should undoubtedly go for A-LINE winter coats as they will make you look slim and lean.

HEAVY TOP- If you are heavy from the top or you have broad shoulders then go for V-NECK LINE coats it will give your upper body a narrower look.

TOO SKINY- If you are too skinny then buy belted coats as it will give a proper shape and cut to your figure showing off your curves. Slim and lean people can also go for winter coats with pockets as it will give volume to your body.


The trend says to buy bright neon fluorescent colors like hot pink neon yellow and orange these colors look high fashion but tend to get outdated very quickly. If you want your coat to last for many seasons than do not buy too high trend coats rather go for the classics like black, badge, browns etc they will not get outdated very soon.


When you are buying a coat keep in mind that you might wear sweaters and jumper inside it so there should be enough room for that. See that you are able to lift your arms comfortably and your arms are relaxed and comfortable so that you don't have a problem while working.

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