How to Create a Wall Frieze

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    • 1). Decide on a depth for the frieze. There is no set rule. Friezes can range from narrow pictorial borders close to the ceiling to elaborate panels further down. Choose whatever will look good in your room

    • 2). Choose the images for the frieze, such as stencils or printed images. Cut out enough images to cover the length of the frieze if you don't want to paint directly on the wall.

    • 3). Mark two parallel lines along the wall to indicate the position of the frieze. Measure down from the ceiling if your frieze is high up on the wall. Make pencil marks at regular intervals along the length of the wall between the parallel lines, then join the marks with straight lines using a ruler.

    • 4). Stick masking tape along the straight lines marked for the frieze. Paint the wall below and above the frieze area in the desired color. Remove the masking tape immediately after you paint, or wait until the paint is fully hardened before removing it to avoid tearing the paint. If you intend to paint a background color inside the frieze area, replace the masking tape along the edge of the frieze, then paint the frieze background. Remove the tape.

    • 5). Add your frieze images along the painted frieze area. If you're using printed images, line them up along the length of the frieze. Attach them with sticky putty if you want to alter the position, or fix them with wallpaper paste for a more permanent effect. If you are painting your frieze using stencils or freehand painting, start at one end of the wall and work your way along to the other end.

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