Two Ways to Live a Happy Life

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Some days can just be a drag.
You get up in the morning and you just don't feel to get out of bed.
It's like there is no reason to live.
At times when I feel like this I think about those people who have made great strives in their lives despite adverse circumstances.
What it is about these people that made them want to succeed? What drove them to make something of their lives?   I think it's because they wanted to be happy.
They decided to change their life so that they can experience what real happiness and contentment is about.
So what can you do to achieve genuine happiness?  Here are just two simple methods:   1.
Learn to love yourself
You know the song, "The Greatest Love of All".
The chorus goes "learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.
" When you learn to love yourself you not only experience the greatest love, you experience genuine happiness.
You accept yourself as you are, with all your little imperfections.
You may not be the prettiest girl around, but you can have a beautiful spirit and demeanor.
You may not be the most popular boy at school, but have the brains to become the next great physicist.
Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
Learn to be contented
For some people, the more things they have, the more they want.
They are never satisfied with what they have.
The idea of living a contented life is being satisfied with what you already have.
You may not drive the best car, but you have a car that gets you where you want to go, which is the purpose of having a car, anyway.
You may not have the ideal job, but you have a job, and a lot of people are out of jobs these days, so be thankful and grateful for your own.
Being happy with your current achievements is one step to achieving contentment.
  If however, you keep harbouring on the disappointments of life and that you have been cheated out of the ideal life you think you deserve, then happiness will always elude you.
Things will never go 100% right.
You will always make mistakes.
People will try to take advantage of you.
You will fail at something at some point.
That's life.
But that is no reason to drag yourself down.
It is all about learning and growing.
When you fail or make mistakes use this to strengthen you.
This is what makes your life stronger and richer.
You will not grow if you don't err sometimes.
  Appreciate your life and understand that happiness and contentment is easy to achieve if you really want it.
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