5 Breakthrough Ways to Gain Sexual Endurance and Last 3 Times Longer in Bed!

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Sexual endurance is normally not something that a man is born with.
In most cases, the man has learned to control himself or train himself to be a better lover and to last much longer in bed in order to get his partner full satisfactions and pleasure.
Here is 5 ways to gain this sexual endurance you need to last longer: 1.
Shallow thrusting - in order to lessen your arousal and sensations, use slow and shallow thrusts - in the first couple inches of the vagina.
Actually, this area is the most sensitive area in the vagina so her pleasure zones will be stimulated during this maneuver.
Slow your breathing - you may notice that once you get aroused to get close to orgasm you start breathing very heavy and abrupt.
Your subconsciously telling yourself that your overexcited and ready to climax.
Slow your breathing down to more calm and controlled breathing patterns.
You will definitely notice the benefits from doing this.
Last longer positions - focus on performing in positions that are less likely to over arouse you at first.
It's different for a lot of men but, here are some that are known to be a little bit less stimulating to most men: cowgirl, missionary, spooning position and simply using slow and light thrusts.
Eat healthy - this may seem very simplistic but it is true that eating healthy can promote better sexual health because it promotes better blood circulation and bloodflow, the catalyst to you being able to control your body.
Control your PC muscle - your PC muscle contracts when you ejaculate.
Build a stronger PC muscle, and you'll be able to better control when you ejaculate and to let extreme.
This will help you to gain harder and firmer erections as well.
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