Different Hairstyles for Scene Kids

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    A-line Styles

    • A-Line hair style

      This style begins with the underlayers of the sides and the back of the head being cut to two-inch layers. The top layers are then cut to angle towards the chin, starting at the nape of the neck forward in a single layered look. Bangs are razor cut straight across the forehead, or angled to sweep across the face. When styling, apply ample amounts of styling gel to the under layers of the hair and the roots of the top. Blow dry hair for volume. Apply a smoothing serum to the top layers and blow-dry the hair straight, curling the ends forward and under.


    • The peek-a-boo style

      Achieve the Peek-a-Boo look by starting with a multi-layered haircut. Thick layers work well for this style. Choose your hair colors and read directions for application carefully, doing a strand test before beginning according to the product instructions. Bright pinks, metallic blues, deep reds and frost whites are common choices. Divide the top layers of your hair and secure on top of your head and cover with plastic wrap. Apply your chosen color to the bottom layers and allow to sit for the time allotted in the directions. If you are applying multiple colors, separate the desired section, apply the color, then wrap the section in tin or hair foil to separate from remaining hair. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Style as usual. Since the color is under the rest of your hair, touch-ups may be done at long intervals, up to 16 weeks.


    • Girl with asymmetrical hair

      Begin your modern take on the old fashion bob by choosing your better side. Stand in front of a mirror and turn your head left and then right. Decide which side you prefer. Cut hair on your preferred side in short layers to the bottom of the ear or above. Angle haircut into a V-shape from the back towards the opposite side leaving length below chin level or to the shoulders. A variation includes cutting an inverted "V" in the top layers on the longer side to achieve a chunked look. Bangs should angle from short to long across the forehead, sweeping towards the longer hair, sweeping across the face or left longer to lie over one eye. Hair is styled by applying ample amounts of styling gel to freshly washed hair and blow drying for volume while shaping hair into desired form. Back combing or teasing hair at the crown will assist in adding body and shape to the style.

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