How to Program a Toyota Garage Door Opener

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    • Toyota's HUT works via a low-powered radio transmitter and receiver, which differs from a universal remote for a television or other entertainment component. The HUT receives a signal from your garage door opener remote, then transmits it to the receiver in your garage (or entry gate, etc.) to function as an alternate means of entry.


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      Prior to programming, replace the battery (or batteries) in your hand-held remote so it will send the strongest possible signal. Typically, hand-held remotes use a single 9-volt battery, but if you aren't sure, ask an associate at a hardware or electronics store. Most sales associates will also install the battery for you if you are unsure how to insert it properly. Some hand-held remotes have a sliding plastic compartment similar to a TV remote control, while others require a screwdriver to be opened.

    Programming the HomeLink Universal Transceiver

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      Hold the remote near the HUT without blocking your view of it. Keep the transmitter end close to the HUT, but do not block your view of the buttons; a distance of 1-3 inches is ideal. Simultaneously press and hold the hand-held remote button and the HUT button you want to use. It can take 10-20 seconds for the indicator light to change from a slow blink to a rapid blink, at which point you can let go of both buttons.

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