A Guide to Eye Exercises

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What are Eye Exercises? Created more than 150 years ago by English eye doctors, eye exercises are widely used around the world today for natural vision improvement.
Also known as vision training, there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence to show that doing vision training consistently over a period of time can treat: * Myopia - Nearsightedness * Hyperopia - Farsightedness * Presbyopia - Aging vision * Astigmatism - An irregularly shaped cornea The Causes of Poor Vision The main cause of poor vision is muscle tension in and around the eye.
This eye strain affects the ability to focus and relax completely, and over time the eyeball changes shape to compensate.
The irregular shape of the eyeball causes light to focus too far in front of the retina (in the case of nearsightedness) or too far behind (in the case of farsightedness).
The cornea can also become squashed (in astigmatism) which is a common effect of being near sighted.
How Eye Exercises Work Eye exercises work by first strengthening the six groups of eye muscles, and then helping them to relax completely each day to improve vision on a progressive basis.
They usually form a vision training program of 30-60 days (or more in severe cases) and are known to be effective on all common vision disorders.
However, eye exercises cannot cure more serious eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma and retinopathy.
One way to protect against eye diseases in later life is to maintain healthy eyesight with vision training and retain good structure of the eye.
Scientific Evidence Over the years, many scientific studies on eye exercises have produced favorable results.
One such study, run by Irwin B Suchoff, OD, and G Timothy Petito, OD, concluded in the Journal of the American Optometric Association: "Symptoms were totally eliminated in 53% of the patients, reduced in 43%, and remained the same in only 4%.
an overall success rate of 96%...
There is an impressive and increasing body of evidence attesting to the trainability of accommodative function.
" (From a study of 96 patients with some type of accommodative dysfunction who had completed a vision therapy program.
) Free Eye Exercises Online There are two ways to begin natural vision improvement: * Start a course in online eye exercises * Visit your local vision training practitioner There is overwhelming anecdotal evidence showing people can improve vision within a few days, but to fully treat the underlying muscle tension, users must stick to the program consistently for several weeks or more.
However, once natural clear vision is achieved, very little upkeep is required and users report better vision naturally for years to follow.
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