What Causes an Out of Body Experience?

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In this article we are going to take a quick look at what causes an out of body experience! As many of you who have already HAD an OBE probably know..
often there is no cause at all! These are referred to as spontaneous Out of Body Experiences, and we will cover those...
along with induced Obe's both, below! Read on..
:-) What is a Spontaneous Out of Body Experience? It's an OBE that happens naturally, on it's own...
and USUALLY during a time of crises.
A near death event for example, is a well known catalyst.
Some people have a spontaneous OBE during deep meditation (although this could be considered induced as well) or great physical exertion.
Others simply are lucky...
and their hardwiring (or spiritual sensitivity) is such that they become a frequent occurrence! Ok...
What about an Induced OBE.
What's the Difference?
The difference is simple.
An induced OBE, or more specifically, a SELF induced experience is one where the person is TRYING to project out of the body.
The most common way of doing this? Meditation and binural-beat technology.
(sound acoustics or more commonly referred to as meditation music) Prayer is another way that some people induce a projection, as the chanting, mantra repetition or simply ecstatic dance can simply create an altered state of consciousness quickly, which is unquestionably a big driver for a mystical state.
Many practitioners of Buddhism for example, or hassidic jews, or even the famous Sufi dancers (whirling dervishes) have used this sort of physiological entrainment to have out of body experiences that are not only powerful...
but whose visions have spawned entire religious movements and belief systems thereafter! Very exciting stuff indeed..
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