Visit The Shrine Of Undying Love With Taj Mahal Tours From Mumbai

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Agra is a city which has a lot of history associated to its name.
The city which gained prominence during the Mughal era has remained the cynosure of the modern era, thanks to the Taj Mahal.
Taj Mahal is a sheer testimony of man's ingenuity and a deep-rooted symbol of an emperor's undying love for his dead wife.
Taj Mahal tours from Mumbai are organized regularly and throughout the year.
So, you can book a package in such a tour and head to this charming destination at any time of the year according to your convenience.
Agra receives footfalls from tourists from around the globe.
It has also served as the epicenter for India's tourism industry since the majority of foreigners visit India primarily to drop by at the Taj.
Counted amongst the seven wonders of the modern world, the Taj Mahal is an iconic monument which is not just a fine depiction of romance but is also a great portrayal of human architecture.
It is a stupendous marble-made structure carved out of pristine white stone and designed in an intricate way with an indomitable dome and some impressive towers.
Agra tours from Mumbai are a great and cost-effective way to check out the Taj.
It shall be a big regret if you live your full life without ever paying a visit to the ultimate shrine of true love.
But who said that Agra is all about the Taj? Though it is true that Taj Mahal, by far, eclipses every other attraction by a fair margin, the city has plenty of other things to keep you busy throughout your stay.
Agra Fort is the next best attraction and this huge thing is like a miniature city in itself.
There is a bit of uncertainty regarding the exact date of its construction but history gives us enough evidence that the fort was built over many years and around the earlier part of the millennium.
Agra Fort is domineering in its size and wealthy in its history.
It has been a mute spectator to a myriad number of wars and invasions, laughter and cries, strolls and banters.
It has several gardens and palaces which once served as the residential quarters of emperors from different eras and dynasties.
A mosque is also stationed inside the fort and adds another dimension to its personality.
Your Agra tours from Mumbai shall include this fort in the itinerary so that you can return home completely satisfied.
Fatehpur Sikri is a name you wouldn't find too hard to recall if you ever paid attention to your history teacher during your high school days.
The city was a vision of the farsighted Akbar who made every effort possible to weave a society in which there will be no Hindu-Muslim acrimony.
Though this city is now abandoned, it serves as the third most popular tourist attraction and is admired for its architectural grandeur and brilliance.
Under the Taj Mahal tours from Mumbai, you can easily visit this attraction.
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