How to Add an Earpiece to the Sony Ericsson

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    • 1). Put the earpiece in pairing mode. The exact method for accomplishing this varies per earpiece, but typically you will need to hold down the Answer/End button. If pairing the Ericsson with a Jabra earpiece, for example, you will need to hold down the "Answer/End" button on the ear piece until the light glows a solid blue.

    • 2). Power on the Sony Ericsson and select the "Menu" button.

    • 3). Select "Setting" from the main menu.

    • 4). Select "Bluetooth." If you don't see a Bluetooth option, select "Connectivity" and then select "Bluetooth."

    • 5). Select "Turn on/On" in the Bluetooth menu.

    • 6). Press the back arrow key to go back to the main "Bluetooth" menu.

    • 7). Select "My Devices." If this option is not available, click "Options" and then select "New Paired Device" from the Bluetooth menu.

    • 8). Select "New Device." The Sony Ericsson will search for your Bluetooth-enabled earpiece. All found devices will be listed.

    • 9). Select the earpiece from the list. Enter a passkey, if prompted. The passkey is provided by the earpiece manufacturer. Usually it is "0000."

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