Dr Drum, Reviewed and Rated

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Every few months a new online beat maker comes out. Advances in music production technology mean that beat making software that can produce professional sounding beats is now available to you within your home on your computer, without the need for any other specialist hardware.
The latest beat maker to come out is Dr Drum. Let's have a look at its features:
1) Powerful and intuitive interface
With a 16 track sequencer and 4-octave keyboards for synth, guitar, piano, strings & FX you can produce some complex and interesting beats with Dr Drum. Good thing then that the interface is accessible and easy to use, even if you've never used a beat making program before.
Nearly every feature can be reached with just a couple of clicks and you can move beats around by dragging and dropping. Within minutes of installing you can be laying out your beat ideas and trying them out, no matter how inexperienced you may be.
2) Great database
Dr Drum comes fully loaded with a great database of samples ready for you to use. These are high quality, professionally recorded samples in the professional standard 44.1 WAV format which ensures the samples you are using and the tracks you are creating will be to the same standard that all the professionals use.
3) Easy to add your own samples
Although Dr Drum's database is large eventually you'll want to be able to add your own samples in.
This is incredibly easy with simple dragging and dropping being all that is needed. When you do import a sound Dr Drum can cleverly scan it, find what note it is and then create all the other notes across the 4 octave keyboard to give you many sounds from a single sample.
4) Video tutorials
Everyone needs a little bit of help getting started occasionally. Dr Drum features a member's area full of video tutorials. Gone are the days of reading a manual and trying to work out what it's talking about, simply watch the appropriate video tutorial and you'll be shown exactly what you need to do.
5) Great cost
Last but definitely not least. Dr Drum comes with a price tag you won't believe.
While other pieces of software charge hundreds of dollars for the same features Dr Drum is available for less than $40. Couple this with the 60 day money back guarantee and you're on to a winner.
you can open it and check [http://tinyurl.com/bb3nsof]
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