How to Use Classical Music in the Classroom

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    • 1). Play calming classical music with 50 to 80 beats per minute prior to engaging your students in memorization tasks or test taking. This will help to calm and focus your class.

    • 2). Challenge students to write lyrics to classical music that deal with concepts that you are studying. Have the students sing or rap their lyrics for the class. The song may even be useful in helping the rest of the class remember certain information.

    • 3). Play soft classical music in the background during periods of transition to reduce confusion and behavior problems. Common transitional periods include lining up, entering the classroom and taking out materials.

    • 4). Play classical music during creative activities such as writing or artwork. This can help to stimulate creativity.

    • 5). Play lively classical music during breaks when your students need to stand up, stretch and use some excess energy.

    • 6). Allow students to listen to classical music through headphones during certain individual work times or as a reward.

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