Four Easy Ways to Live Green

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With the arrival of Earth Week, I wanted to take the time to stray from the articles that I normally write, and stress the importance of recycling and living a greener lifestyle.
Over the last few years, the "Go-Green" lifestyle has surged in America and across the world.
One point I want to address is that recycling and living a green lifestyle does not have to be difficult.
There are hundreds of small steps to take that can be done every day.
Another point I would like is that living a green lifestyle does not have to be expensive.
Many times, green products are the same price as other non green products, and 95 percent of the time can save you money.
During the last few years, recycling has become increasingly popular.
Stores across the country from grocery stores, bookstores, and retail stores have taken steps to recycle as well.
Some of the most recognizable examples of this are the re-usable bags stores are now selling, eco-friendly water bottles, energy saving light bulbs, recycled office supplies, and e-books.
Now, my first reaction when I thought about buying products that are eco-friendly, is "I do not have the money to be buying eco products.
" Now, after having looked at the costs in the long run, buying eco products is an investment that will save you money.
The best example of this, is buying an eco water bottle.
They cost anywhere from 5, to 15 dollars normally.
However, name brand bottles may be more.
The average price I have seen in stores is about 10.
I will admit, when I first saw a 10 dollar water bottle, I though "why would I pay that?" I stepped back, and though "well.
Even if I buy a water bottle that costs a dollar only once a week, I will be spending 52 dollars a year.
If I have this water bottle, I will spend 10 dollars, have a durable product, and save at least 80% on water a year.
" And that is only with buying bottled water once a week, which most of us buy it more often.
Not only will you save money, but keep every bottle you would have bought out of landfills.
Another great way to go green without spending a lot of money, is to buy re-usable bags.
Many times, the bags are made from recycled or eco-friendly materials, and they generally are under 5 dollars.
I have seen many that range from only 50 cents, to two dollars.
The benefits of purchasing these bags are that it keeps plastic bags out of landfills, they can show your support for your favorite stores, and is some instances, stores will give you money back off of your purchase for using recyclable bags.
Another great feature is that if companies produce less plastic bags for in-store purchases, costs will lower, and the savings will pass onto you and I by having less expensive products.
The latest eco-friendly product to hit stores across the nation is the e-book readers.
These range from 100-400 dollars.
E-books are downloaded directly to the reader, most often in 60 seconds or less.
Now, if you do not like the idea of reading a book on a screen, or spending money on an e-book reader, there are others ways to enjoy reading books while still being eco friendly.
The two easiest ways are to read books from your local library, and the other is to only buy used books online, at garage sales, or any other places where you can find previously owned books.
These are just some of the ways to live a greener lifestyle.
By searching online, in a few minutes you can easily find small steps to you can take towards living a greener lifestyle!
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