5 Promotional Advantages of Taking Up Portable Trade Show Booths During Exhibitions

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In the upcoming events and product launches, most of the companies are in jubilant mood as they are going to expose their products and services to prospective clients and customers. It is a golden chance for them to gather goodwill for a long period to come. Not affording to miss these chances, companies need to focus on their promotions with an innovative approach and appealing designs. Visual medium of advertisement will always be the best to captivate the audience. For this reason, there are plenty of medium to attract customers. In exhibitions particularly, advertisers can play with colours, designs, booth placements and banner in such a way that these attract more number of visitors with increased chances of conversion.

€ A major reason for the huge popularity of the portable trade show booths is the durability of these advertising campaigns. Companies can order the booths, which can then be dismantled after the exhibition and then put in another place, showcasing the same products and sometimes even new launches. With the booths already prepared, small changes can be easily done to accommodate newer products or messages.

€ It is quite easy to set up the exhibition booths, requiring minimal of expenses, especially when the professionals are brought into service. They have readymade casts of these designs and can easily assemble the hoardings, backdrops and banners in a day or two. This is a big advantage of having portable booths.

€ Creating visual angles with crisp messages - Besides the factors of portability and convenience, these exhibition booths can be designed in elegant manner. Use of pull up banner is done with much frequency, so that the visual angles are quite good. Even the stands are designed to carry messages about the products, with right amount of visibility and comfortable viewing. For this, there are computer generated designs and simulated banners being prepared first, before the final panels are ready. With innovative methods of printing on PVC or fabric, banners are highly effective in sending across the messages of the advertisements.

€ Variety of lights to augment designs - During any kind of exhibition, the lighting arrangements are also done by the professional booth designers. By focusing on the areas of strength of a company, designed on the pull up banner, customers are able to see the right ways in which the designs are best visible. Use of platform lights, focus lights and hanging lights are done with great artistry, which add to the visibility as well as give unique appearance to the booths.

Most of the companies are hiring professional booth designers nowadays to prepare something unique for exhibitions. While pull up banner has become an integral part of the booths, there are many other features that can be incorporated to add flavour to the trade shows. Since the idea is to capture the imagination of maximum number of visitors, people will find it easier to have a strong team of designers working on the project to finish it in time with great visibility and attractiveness.
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