Dangerous Blood Sugar Ranges

104 70


    • Any blood sugar level that is over 200 is considered hyperglycemia.


    • Blood sugar levels that are under 70 are considered hypoglycemia.


    • High blood sugar levels can result in shortness of breath and trouble breathing as well as cause problems with blood vessels and circulation in the body.
      Low blood sugar can cause a person to lose consciousness or enter a diabetic coma.


    • Dangerous blood sugar levels can be cause by other medical conditions such as binge eating, lack of eating, dehydration and physical exercise. You do not have to be diabetic to suffer from abnormal blood sugar levels.


    • If you suddenly feel ill, checking your blood sugar is a wise idea. If you find that you have abnormally high or low results, you should repeat the blood sugar tests every 15 minutes until the results are in the normal range.

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