Why Dogs Scratch, And How To Cure It

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Dogs are wonderful creatures that we often take for granted.
We treat them like part of the family (after all, they are...
) and somehow expect them to be like children.
They aren't, they're animals, and they can't communicate like a child could.
Dogs have a lot of behaviors, and we rarely think twice about it.
Scratching is one of those things that you should spend more time understanding, because if you don't know why your dog scratches, you can't help her.
Why Dogs Scratch Dogs scratch for a lot of reasons.
If they have a real itch, like when they have an allergy or have been bitten by a flea, or perhaps even from an irritation like sand, water or mud they pick up from outside.
When your dog starts to scratch, watch her to see if you can see why.
If her coat is dull, or you see dandruff, she may be suffering from dry skin.
If she is also sneezing it is more likely allergies.
Red spots or sores can indicate a skin infection.
These can grow and make your pet ill, so if you see any, you should see the vet right away.
If you can't find any fleas, or any other physical reason for the scratching, the problem may be neurological.
This isn't to suggest she's crazy, but may need more attention.
If your dog doesn't get enough exercise or outdoor time, she may spend too much time licking or scratching, which may indicate she is bored or needs a companion.
When to Worry About Scratching Generally, you don't have to worry if the scratching is infrequent, especially if you keep up on the flea treatments.
However, if the behavior becomes chronic or you start seeing damage as a result of the scratching, it is time for a trip to the vet.
The veternarian can do blood tests and check the dog's skin for diseases or problems that could be causing the scratching.
How to Stop Scratching First, check for fleas, then for dry skin.
If your dog jumps or starts, then scratches a spot for a minute or so, it may be fleas, which are easily controlled.
Don't overdo the treatment, it can lead to skin issues that can cause your dog to scratch.
Next, try to treat any issues that may have developed as a result of infection or allergies.
Third, if you don't think it is physical, you can prevent her from reaching the spot by using a barrier like tape or a cone.
Whenever you see your dog scratching, pay attention right away, and you can prevent the problem from becoming a greater issue.
Remember, your dog can't speak to you to tell you what's wrong, so you have to figure it out from her actions.
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