How to Be an Iconoclastic Leader

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    • 1). Read the canonical texts in your field. Memorize important passages enough to quote from these texts during speeches and debates. Your challenge to "business as usual" will be bolstered by a strong base of knowledge in the area you seek to innovate.

    • 2). Deliver a public statement that challenges the orthodoxy of the culture or business you wish to change. Clearly state the problem with business as usual, identifying the specific areas of the community or organization that are affected by intellectual stagnation.

    • 3). Give a public statement outlining the tenets of your innovation. Operationalize the changes you are championing by laying them out in phases and steps. Finish by putting forward a broad vision of how your changes will affect the culture and community. This will assist the people you lead in picturing their lives under your leadership, and reduce the insecurity that comes with abandoning old ways of doing things.

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