Lil Rounds

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Lil Rounds is an outstanding singer with unbelievable vocal abilities. She is married, a full time mother of three and she is just twenty three years old. Because of her life story and the difficulties she had to go through the years, as far as I am concern, Lil Rounds already fulfilled the American dream. She did it by applying to American idol and by passing successfully all the auditions until now.
No doubt about it, Lil Rounds is one of the strongest contestants in American idol season eight. Through all of her auditions in the show; from Tennessee to Hollywood's week, she managed to maintain a very high and powerful vocal level. Lil Rounds didn't had just one good performance, on the contrary; each and every performance she sang she nailed it and received many good complements from American idol's judges.
I wonder how her husband reacts to her success. It is not easy when only one person in the family gets all the attention, and when we are talking about attention in the context of American idol, it is even harder. The show, American idol, gives the contestants such a huge exposure that it is almost unbelievable! I am not sure that even the contestants them selves know how to handle this sudden exposure and publicity?! From the outside it seems that Lil Rounds is a mature person with a uniformed personality, so maybe she will handle this entire publicity well, but we can not say that for sure. I am sure that there is not a person on this plant that can be apathetic to this kind of exposure.
For Lil Rounds sake I hope that her family will accept her publicity well. Not only her husband but also her three children will have to accept that their mother is now not only their mom but also a famous person.
I wander what dose the other contestants think about Lil Rounds. Because she is such a good singer they should probably fear her. Every time that someone good gets elected to the top twelve he is a threat to the others. I guess that in a way the contestants that already got in to the top twelve wish that the others that will join in won't be the best ones from the thirty six.
I wish I would know what the real atmosphere between the contestants is. Usually when I like a singer it is because I also love his personality. If I will find out that Lil Rounds or any of my other favorites are selfish, competitive and mean to the other contestants, I will be very disappointed. A thing like that can and will change my vote when the competition will begin. On the other hand I am sure that it is really hard to win a competition like this one, without being competitive. Only really good and talented contestants can do that and I really hope that Lil Rounds is one of them!

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