Wow, Whale Season in Maui, Hawaii

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Hawaii doesn't have 'weather' seasons like a lot of places in the world.
What Hawaii does have is Humpback Whale Season.
This is a time period when everyone living on the islands look forward to seeing their "first whale" of the season.
Kind of like seeing your first snow of the year, it is always exciting to spot that first whale in the waters surrounding the island.
The Humpback Whales travel from cold waters, Alaska, to Hawaii once a year.
The first whale is usually seen in late November and the last whale is seen leaving the islands early May.
The Humpback Whales populate all the Hawaiian island's but seem to gather more around the island of Maui.
The shallow coastline waters around Maui offer the whales the perfect place to birth their calves and teach them how to swim.
The visitors to Maui, as well the island residents, enjoy sitting on the beach or lanai (balcony) and watching the activity between the mother' and calve.
The mother teaches the baby how to breach (jump) out of the water or how to slap its fin on the water.
The baby copies the Mom's behavior and often, like children, gets carried away with the activity.
The Humpbacks are very acrobatic, often breaching out of the ocean and slapping the water as they come back down.
Often the whales stick their tails out of the water and slap it on the surface making a huge spray.
This is the type of fun whale watching activity that people love to witness.
The only way to know that a whale is in the area is by the tail slapping, breaching or spouting air out of its blow hole.
The humpback whale is the star of the whale watching season in Maui and other islands.
There are catamarans, zodiacs and large boats that provide whale watching daily for all islands.
There's not a best time of day to whale watch so schedule the trip when it's easy for you and your family.
Some boats guarantee whale sighting or you get another free excursion so be sure to ask when making the reservation.
The size of the whale is up to 45 feet long and weighs approximately 40 tons.
When you have an up close view of the magnificent mammal breaching out of the water it will make you speechless.
The adult humpback whales will often come to the boat and look at you.
They are curious animals that have learned to feel secure in Hawaiian waters.
If you prefer to take a snorkeling trip you can combine ocean activities and do a snorkel or dive trip to Molokini and view the humpback whale's at no charge.
Besides seeing the whales you are able to hear the whales singing to each other under water.
When you are snorkeling, diving or just swimming be sure and listen for the singing sound of the whales.
The humpback whales are the noisiest and most imaginative whales when it comes to songs.
They have long complex, eerie, and beautiful songs that include recognizable sequences of squeaks, grunts, and other sounds.
It is the most magnificent sound to hear underwater.
You just want to hang there and listen to these huge, beautiful animals and their musical songs.
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