Destination Phillip Island

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If you're looking for a great place in Australia to visit then how about Phillip Island in Victoria? This Australian island is located roughly 140km South East from Melbourne which means it's perfect if you want to visit the two locations together. It's also a highly beautiful island with lots to do and to see and with plenty of interesting wildlife. Here we will have a little look Phillip Island and why it's such a great place to travel too.

Phillip Island is named after the first Governor of New South Wales (one Arthur Phillip) and provides a natural breakwater to the waters of Western Port. Phillip Island is roughly 10,000 hectares 26km long and 9km wide at the longest and widest points. It has a 97km coastline and is a part of the Bass Coast Shire. For travelling to the island it is possible to reach the island town of Newhaven by crossing a 640 meter bridge from Sam Remo. Other towns situated on the island and nearby include Beachcomber, Cape Woolami, Rhyll, Silverleaves, Summerland, Sunderland Bay, Sunset Strip, Surf Beach and Wimbledon Heights all of which make great places to swing by for a visit. The population of the island is somewhere around 7,000 but during the summer this number increases drastically to 40,000 demonstrating what a popular place it is to visit or to set up as a permanent holiday location. In fact Phillip Island is a highly popular tourist destination and is visited by an impressive 3.5 million people each year.

Of course part of this popularity is simply down to the fact that this is a warm island which is full of beaches and highly scenic. Anyone would enjoy this as a place to come and get away. At the same time though the wildlife and animals are certainly a huge part of the attraction and responsible for much of the tourism. One of the great tourist attractions that bring many people to the island is the 'Penguin Parade' at Phillip Island Nature Park. Here little penguins (a species of penguins) come to the shore in groups all at once. This is a rare species of penguin and Phillip Island is one of the only places they can be seen. Similarly the Seal Rocks are one of the largest colonies of fur seals in Australia there are up to 16,000 of them.

For those who would like to encounter more species of wildlife then visiting the Wild Life park is a must here you will encounter wallabies and kangaroos roaming freely among the visitors which can be fed by hand for many people this will be the only chance they ever have to see these animals so up close. You can also see over 300 species of animals at the park which also include wombats, koalas, Tasmanian devils and many parrots and birds.

The island is also known for having one of the most reliable surfing conditions in Australia and this means that they can host such events as the Rip Curl Pro and the Roxy Pro Women's Surfing Festival. It's also very popular for motorsports.
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