Potting Shed – Help Keep Costs Down With A Bit Of DIY

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If you are looking to treat yourself to a new potting shed but money is tight, you know the score, there's always something else that needs money spending on it, why not think about building one yourself with a spot of diy, it's not as hard as you may think.

As with any building project, you will need to start with a set of shed plans to work to. You will find that these are readily available on the internet. A good set of plans will include all of the information that you will need to be able to build yourself a potting shed, without too much trouble.

You will have to decide how big you want your shed to be. This may be governed by some degree by the amount of space you have available on your property. When coming to a decision on the overall size of your project take some time to establish in your own mind how you will be using it, and what you are going to store in it. As well as using your potting shed for the normal purpose of getting your young plants ready for planting out in the spring, you may want to use it for storing your garden tools as well, so take some time to consider exactly what the end use will be.

You may want to keep your lawnmower in there as well, so make sure that you take into account the door opening. As you can see, although your initial plan was to build a potting shed, it could double up as a garden tool store as well. The last thing that you are going to want is to build it too small and then at a later stage have to build yourself another one.

How about shelving and staging, so that you have plenty of workspace to put your plants on. It is well worth taking some time to think all of these things out so that you make the right decision before you start building.

By looking through the plans that you have you will be able to choose one that fits your purpose, being the right size and design. Once you have decided you will be able to work out what your estimated costs will be, as most good sets of shed plans will give you a full list of materials that are required for your project.

During the planning stages of your potting shed project you will have to give some thought to where it will be situated. Make sure that there is plenty of room so that you have enough room around the outside to work when you are building it. This extra room will also come in handy in later years when you have to give your shed a coat of paint or stain.

One other point to consider is whether you will need an electricity or water supply to be connected. Make sure that you are able to build within easy distance of these services, and that they can be connected safely.

The most important thing about the whole project is that you enjoy building your potting shed and that you are fully satisfied with the end result Now you know what you want and how to go about it, what's stopping you, get going!!
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