Instructions for Making a Weathervane

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    • 1). Draw an arrow with a point and a tail on a piece of cardboard. Cut out the arrow with scissors.

    • 2). Attach a dime to the tip of the arrow using tape. You may have to use multiple pieces of tape to securely attach the dime.

    • 3). Find the center point of the arrow by loosely holding the top edge of the arrow with your thumb and forefinger. Adjust where you are gripping until the arrow balances parallel to the ground.

    • 4). Poke the straight pin through the center point of the cardboard arrow with the sharp tip of the pin pointing down. Push the pin's point through the eraser on the pencil.

    • 5). Insert the writing end of the pencil into the modeling clay. Attach the modeling clay to the middle of the paper plate.

    • 6). Draw marks for north, south, east and west on the paper plate. Set up the weather vane in your desired location and use a compass to align the markings on the plate with the corresponding directions.

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