Lumix FS30 Review - A Beginner Digital Camera Lumix FS30

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When it comes to price of quality digital cameras you will have a hard time trying to beat the Lumix FS30.
Its mix of quality features and reasonable price make it a great first time camera for teenagers or adults who want to experience how useful having one by your side at special moments can be.
The Lumix FS30 can be used to take quick pictures on the go or can be taken to social events to capture memories and share them with your social circle later on.
The main reason you want to pick a good value and cheap digital camera to start with is because it's less riskier than getting an expensive one and then realising you might not use it as often as you'd hoped.
The Lumix FS30 is such a great beginner digital camera because it's so simple to use compared to many others on the market.
Its simple one touch controls and automatic intelligent technology mean you can take great photographs without having to fiddle about for a long time to get the effect you require.
At the moment the cheapest price you can get the Lumix FS30 is £116.
62 and that is extremely cheap for a camera that boasts a 14.
1 mega pixel lens (Many 12.
1 mega pixel lens cameras are double that price).
As well as that it has an 8x optical zoom which means you can zoom in and get an even better suited photo.
The Lumix FS30 also comes with HD movie recording this is just as you where wondering if it has it or not.
The HD movie recording can be used in conjunction with the 8 x optical zoom so you can get right in on the action wherever it might be from a safe distance.
Since the Lumix FS30 is so cheap compared to other cameras you may be wondering why.
The real reason is that it's 'Aimed at beginners'.
It's not aimed at professionals or experts (we leave that to the FZ series).
It's a great digital camera which is meant to be used casually at parties and social events or even capturing wildlife.
This is even proven by its extremely light weight and ease of use.
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