Replacement Window Colors

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    Window Color

    • Traditionally, window color was a matter of choosing a color and painting whenever you were in the mood for a change. These days, however, color is often an integral and unchangeable feature of new windows. Ever popular, vinyl windows are now available in several colors that are a part of the vinyl formula. Aluminum windows, usually white, are available with permanent, baked-on, colored enamel. Wood windows, as always, can be painted any color at any time, but are now available pre-primed and pre-painted.


    • Aluminum-clad wood windows can have baked-on color on the aluminum exterior and the finish of your choice on the wood interior. High-end vinyl and aluminum products, likewise, are available in two colors. Not every manufacturer offers every color combination, so you will have to shop around for a manufacturer who offers what you require. Windows companies usually have a selection of standard colors, but offer custom colors for a price. The more you pay, the more options you will have, so don't expect budget vinyl windows to come in a custom palette.

    Color Selection

    • Tudor style houses often feature brown windows to match their heavy trim.Kim Steele/Photodisc/Getty Images

      Colonial style homes often have windows that are the same color as the trim -- usually white. Tudor and Spanish Revival homes of the early 20th century usually feature brown-painted windows to match rustic exterior timbers. Many homeowners like their interior trim and windows to be the same color to achieve a clean, unified look. If you have very specific color tastes, consider how your selection might affect the resale appeal of your house.


    • Choose your replacement window colors carefully because you will have to live with them for a long time. The color of vinyl is permanent and applying durable and attractive paint over it is difficult. Aluminum cladding can be painted, but the paint will not be as uniform or durable as the underlying baked-on enamel. Wood gives you the most options, inside and out. If you love to paint and want to be able to change window color at will, wood is the logical choice. Wood also allows for a natural, clear finish inside.

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