How to Drill Your Own Well Hole

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    • 1). Identify the location where you want to drill your well. Note that you do not want to choose an area on the slope of a hill.

    • 2). Setup your drilling equipment at the location, taking care to get the equipment as level as possible.

    • 3). Begin your drilling. Every few feet examine the sediment that is flushed up from the drilling process. The water that is pumped down the drill is used to push up the debris that is made from the drilling.

    • 4). Stop the drill once you see coarse, gravel-sized sand coming from the well, which is an indicator that you have hit a water bearing strata. Another indicator that you've hit water is, when you stop the drill, the water being pushed up by the drilling process recedes slowly.

    • 5). Pull out the drill sections slowly so the hole doesn't cave in.

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