Common Puppy House Training Problems You May Have

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Two of the most common types of puppy training problems that you will come across in training a puppy is, 1) Submissive/excited urination 2) Scent marking.
A submissive urination type of dog is the type that will urinate on the floor or where ever he may be when he sees you and gets all excited or if he is stressed when you corrected him on his behavior.
There are a few reasons that this happens First is that it usually happens with puppies but does happens with older dogs too.
There are different times that this will occur for example; when you were at work all day and you come home he is so very happy to see you.
Or you are having guest over and he gets too excited and pees on the floor.
Then there is when you just scolded him for doing something bad and he doesn't know how to react.
The main question is what can you do about it so that he will stop doing this.
First of all, take him to the vet to make sure there is nothing wrong with him.
That his bladder is fine and has no type of infections causing a problem.
Then limit the amount of intake of fluids that he has.
If you are having a party for example take away his water dish a half hour before guest arrives.
Also keep him calm.
The less excited he is the better off you are and this problem will be.
If your dog urinates when he is being corrected then it is up to you to bring down the dogs stress level.
Correct him in a firm tone but don't yell and scream at him, try to keep things calm.
You have to realize that the type of dog you are dealing with is a sensitive one.
Now another issue that does come up frequently is scent marking.
This is where a dog will mark his territory with urine.
A younger male dog that is unentered will mark his territory more than a neutered dog.
Unneutered dogs are more territorial than ones that are neutered.
It is also true that it does not matter how often you take him out he will still mark his area.
They usually mark vertical surfaces, baseboards, furniture etc.
it doesn't matter.
A few things you can do to help your problem is first to have the dog neutered.
Secondly, is to clean the soiled areas that have been sprayed.
You can get good cleaners from various pet stores.
Your canine is likely to re-mark the same areas as he did before.
Your job is to change his ways of doing things.
So, thirdly is to play with him there, feed him at the spots you know he marked, groom him on these spots.
Hopefully he will change his ways for you and end this problem.
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