Understanding Social Anxiety Symptoms

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People with social anxiety are afraid of expressing personal opinions, going to events, talking to a stranger, being assertive and initiating conversation.
One of the common social anxiety symptoms is the fear of talking in front of a number of people.
They are afraid of going to public places like shopping malls and using public comfort rooms when others are nearby.
Simply being nervous when in front of other people does not mean you already have this disorder.
Social anxiety symptoms are felt by everyone.
What differentiates a person with this disorder to a person who is simply scared is how the symptoms affect one's life.
It is normal to be self-conscious and nervous every once in a while, especially if you are expected to do something in front of a lot of people like deliver a speech.
While a normal person can easily get over his nervousness, a person with this disorder can't.
The symptoms build up and may progress to a feeling of being crazy.
Social anxiety symptoms can stop you from doing the things you really want to do.
Just the idea of having to talk in public can easily start a panic attack.
During an attack you may feel intense fear, excessive sweating, racing heartbeat, trembling, dry mouth and nausea.
The symptoms of social anxiety are more than just your occasional nervousness and shyness.
On a mild degree, everyone is scared of embarrassing himself but the feeling never reaches a debilitating level.
There are numerous ways to treat social anxiety symptoms.
You can opt for medications and psychotherapy.
You may also resort to self-help techniques like meditation and relaxation.
Your choice of treatment would depend on how severe your condition is.
Getting rid of this disorder can be challenging but not impossible to do.
If you are diagnosed early, you can treat this condition even before it gets worse.
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