What"S So Different About Climate Controlled Storage Anyway?

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Customers are usually not very familiar with the term climate controlled self storage units. These are self storage units that stay roughly between 55 and 70 degrees all year long. These units are typically used to store temperature sensitive items that a customer wants to remain in good condition. Some examples of this would be instruments, electronics such as computers or computer parts, and wood furnishings and antiques should also be stored in a climate controlled facility. Basically, anything that may be warped or damaged in extreme hot or cold temperatures should be stored in a climate controlled facility.

Climate controlled self storage units are located all over the country, but most are offered in warmer climates because of humidity. Most climate controlled units are indoors. High humidity, high or low temperatures are the leading causes for damage for goods in storage. What is the difference between climate controlled and humidity controlled units? The difference is slim between climate controlled units and humidity controlled units, but is still very important. Many times climate controlled and humidity controlled units are combined into one unit. In order to be classified as humidity controlled the unit must be kept at a relative humidity of 55 or less to decrease mold and mildew growth.

There are many items that should be stored in humidity and climate controlled units such as paper products that are sensitive to mold or mildew, objects made of iron that are sensitive to rust, computer parts, rugs or carpets sensitive to mildew, refrigerators and freezers sensitive to rust and more. Climate controlled units can vary in price but usually are about $20-$30 more. The reason for the increase in price is due to the use of energy. Overall, climate controlled self storage units are important at facilities in areas that are extremely hot or cold at times. Self storage owners should take area, climate, security and gate hours in consideration when building a self storage facility that offers climate controlled self storage units.

When you are going to rent a space in such a place make sure you get the exact specification of the of the rental agency prior to entering into any sort of agreement. This will help you to plan the storing and make sure that you get the right type of storing option for your goods. Climate controlled storage ensures at least one thing; your items will not get damaged from direct contact with rain or snow or humidity. Since the storing facility is insulated against the temperature changes. It automatically seals out the rain and snow.

So these units are good place to store articles which are sensitive to moisture. This means the articles made of wood or other materials that absorb moisture very quickly can be stored at these facilities without hesitation and fear of getting damaged when the moisture content in the air rises. The temperature is controlled by central heating or cooling units that control the temperature and humidity by indirect method. This maintains the temperature throughout the facility.

Climate controlled self storage is a must for many of the items that people use for the purpose of storing. Certain household or commercial items might require to be maintained at temperatures and humidity levels other than that what is available. Of course there are some standard features that most commonly offer like not letting the temperature in the storing drop below freezing in winter and not letting it rise above a specific temperature in the summer. Regular steel self storage buildings only have a couple inch vapor barrier that goes in the roof to prevent moisture and condensation from forming. Climate control storage buildings, on the other hand, have actual insulation to provide temperature control and better moisture control. Unlike in a regular mini storage, climate control self storage depends on airflow, and moving the airflow within the units.

Self-storage units have become very popular in recent years. Many people find themselves in need of more storage space than their own houses and garages can provide. Self-storage companies offer a number of different options, including what is known as climate controlled. What are the advantages and disadvantages of climate controlled storage? The answers may surprise you. Although most people assume that maintaining an even temperature is the only sure way to protect their valuables, the danger can often vary significantly based on the location of that storage facility. If you have items that you want to see remain in good shape then it is worth the extra few dollars and goes with a climate controlled storage unit.
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