How to Sync Games to an iPod

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    • 1). Connect your iPod to your computer using the iPod USB connector cable.

    • 2). Open iTunes if the program does not automatically launch.

    • 3). Select your iPod under “Devices” in the iTunes menu.

    • 4). Select the “Games” tab in the main iTunes window. This is the last tab.

    • 5). Check the box to “Sync games."

    • 6). Choose to sync “All games” or “Selected games.” If you only wish to sync selected games, choose those from the menu.

    • 7). Click the “Apply” button in the bottom right corner of iTunes to set these options and sync the games to your iPod.

    • 8). “Eject” your iPod from iTunes.

    • 9). Disconnect your iPod from your computer when it says it is ready. Your games should now be loaded on your iPod and ready to play.

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