How to Cut the Back Panel Out of a Ford F150 to Install Subwoofers

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    • 1). Measure the face of the subwoofer box using the tape measure. This is the size of the hole that you are going to cut, so make sure your measurements are precise. If you have a ported subwoofer box, one option is just to cut a hole for the port, and the measurement process is the same, except you measure the port instead.

    • 2). Transfer the measurements onto the back wall of the bed using the tape measure and the permanent marker. Slide the box up to the wall to make sure that the lines are square and straight before you start cutting.

    • 3). Remove any interior panels off of the back wall of the truck using your hands to pull off the panels and release the clips. Slide the seats forward at the same time.

    • 4). Put a metal drill bit into the drill, about 1/4-inch diameter. Place the bit in the corner of the marked hole, and drill through the bed wall and through the cab. Do this in each corner.

    • 5). Go inside the cab and measure the distance between the holes. These holes are used as reference points, and if the measurements on the inside of the cab are not the same as the outside, then you'll need to adjust your cuts accordingly.

    • 6). Drill out the holes in the corners using a larger drill bit, large enough to slide the blade of the reciprocating saw into the hole. Install a metal cutting blade into the reciprocating saw and slide the blade through the hole in the bed and the cab, then start cutting. Cut around the entire perimeter of the marked lines until there is a hole in the cab and the bed.

    • 7). Slide the box in through the holes, and make sure it fits. If it doesn't, cut the steel using the reciprocating saw until it does. You want a tight fit, so keep that in mind.

    • 8). Work the camper shell window molding around the holes, pinching down the molding so that it sits flush against the holes on the top and the bottom. This type of molding is designed to connect the back window of a truck to the back window of a camper shell, creating a water-tight seal. This is the same idea, and should keep water out of the interior.

    • 9). Slide the box through the hole in the cab until it is positioned where you want it.

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